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Corporate Plan for Vale of White Horse: your feedback



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Working towards a thriving future for Vale of White Horse 
Have your say on the six priority themes and illustrative projects in the Corporate Plan 2020 - 2024.  Councillors have proposed a set of priority themes for the council over the next few years. You will recognise ideas from promises made by Councillors during their campaign for the May 2019 local elections.

The survey is open to all those living and working in Vale of White Horse, as well as council staff and councillors; we recognise that collaboration between all of us will help to build a better plan.

Please tell us if you think any themes or projects are missing or need to be expanded on, and let us know if we are on the right track. We are looking for feedback on the council’s priorities particularly in the context of the challenges ahead for Local Government; for example, we are still working to support our communities through the COVID-19 pandemic and planning for recovery, whilst facing uncertainty about our funding in the future.

Here’s a clip from the leader of the council, Cllr Emily Smith, asking for your thoughts.
Your feedback will help councillors finalise the Corporate Plan and focus on what they and those living and working in Vale of White Horse believe will make the district a better place for businesses, for families and for future generations.

The survey is open until midnight on Thursday 13 August 2020. 

We will review the priorities in the plan every year. This will help to ensure they remain up to date and relevant during the period that they cover, balancing this with our budgets and the council’s climate objectives.

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