South Oxfordshire Local Plan 2034


South Oxfordshire Local Plan 2034

The Local Plan and its supporting studies are district-wide planning policy documents that set out our vision for South Oxfordshire up to the year 2034. Together they identify where housing, retail and employment land should be located as well as the infrastructure required to support this growth, such as new roads, schools, health services and sewerage.  The proposed policies in the plan will be used to help make decisions on planning applications in the district.

Earlier this year, South Oxfordshire District Councillors asked officers to reassess all of the main sites available for housing in the district and prepare an updated version of the plan for public consultation. We have completed the review and on 20 December 2018, Councillors voted to approve the plan for publication and its subsequent submission to the Planning Inspectorate for examination. 

You can read about the background and progress of our Local Plan at

The publicity period

Between 7 January and 18 February 2019, we are inviting comments on our plan. We have carried out a number of public consultations earlier in the process. This next stage is formally referred to as the Regulation 19 publicity period. 

At this stage, we have to ask very specific questions. Partly based on the answers given at this stage, a planning inspector will make a decision on whether our Local Plan and the supporting evidence:
  • have been prepared in accordance with legal and procedural requirements;
  • have been prepared in accordance with duty to cooperate; and
  • are sound. 
The planning inspector will give more weight to comments that relate to these points, but you are free to comment on any aspect of the plan and evidence you like. These are explained further in our guidance note and video.